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Managed Cloud Hosting

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Focus on your core business, don't get caught up in the never ending upgrade treadmill that the traditional build-it-yourself model brings.

Demand more value for your IT budget and immediately react to the most complex and dynamic business scenarios with our extensive network of technology specialists to augment your staff

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

your virtual datacenter
Hybrid cloud hosting is a model that allows organizations to provision dedicated servers and storage and shared cloud servers and storage on the same network.

If you’re just transitioning to the cloud, you may want to consider a hybrid environment that allows you to test various configurations and isolate resources for security and compliance.

Isolated Cloud Hosting

physically isolated resources
Continū's Isolated Cloud is a single tenant infrastructure residing on dedicated physical resources with its own compute, storage, and local networking resources.

Knowing that your data resides on dedicated infrastructure provides assurance that your data is secure and private. Achieving compliance with a cloud environment is now possible.

Disaster Recovery Cloud

Choose your RPO and RTO
Ensuring the continuity of your business means being prepared for the unpredictable with a capable IT infrastructure that's resistant to catastrophe and able to recover quickly when disaster strikes.

We support many leading replication platforms to synchronize your network environments to our high-availability cloud infrastructures.